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Founded by Bob Reina in 2007, Talk Fusion operates on a simple premise that delivers a message directly to its audience, be it an individual or a group, by enabling videos to become attachments to emails. This Video Email Product now comes as Video Blog, Video Auto Responder, Video Share, E-Subscription Form, Video Conferencing and Fusion Wall, a business and social networking site that uses 3D technology.

The unique feature of Talk Fusion is that the video can be built into the email without the need for a link for redirection to another website. The recipient gets the email and can immediately view and play the video because it’s embedded in it. Talk Fusion is a less expensive alternative for other autoresponder systems and video conference and Webinar software such as Gotomeeting by Cisco.

My Lead System Pro, also known as MLSP, is an education platform for internet and network marketers and small- and medium-sized business owners. With an excellent suite of tools and training to help individuals build their own brands and bring in potential customers, the company offers techniques in attraction marketing, lead generation funnels, and marketing on Facebook using tools to build pages in order to capture leads generated from the training. The main feature of MLSP is that it does not directly compete with the user’s company.

The system has been designed to specifically target the user’s market, which is this case are network marketers who are burnt out by traditional marketing, to learn and apply lead generation to their online business. MLSP provides the user with the funded proposal for sale to individuals already engaged in other companies.

About IM Global

While not a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, IM Global provides the marketing tools which are useful to MLM practitioners in general and to network and internet marketers in particular. Some of their services include: a multi-global platform for marketing the user’s business in any language, video email suite with video, social media synchronization suite for automating social media for rankings with different search engines, auto responder for sending and storing marketing emails, and SMS broadcast auto responder using text messages. For further information and inquiries, please visit http://imglobal.me/discover/paulwiekel.

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